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select u.id as userid,u.username as username,u.fullmember,u.name_visibility,u.fname,u.country,u.state,u.reg_date, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM star_favourite AS t2 WHERE t2.user_id= 0 and t2.favourite=u.id) AS tstate, sui.image_path1 as imeh_p from star_user as u left join star_pro_image_lock as spil on u.id = spil.user_id and spil.status = 2 left join star_user_images as sui on sui.user_id = u.id and profile_img='Y' where u.status='Y' and u.user_type='T' group by u.id order by u.fullmember ASC, spil.date_time DESC, u.reg_date ASC limit 0,10